Real Estate Information Reports

Below are a few of the available reports that we can provide to you upon your request.  You may also request more than one report at anytime.

These reports come packed with information to help you be able to informed decisions when it comes to your home and the terms and conditions of your financing.  By providing this information, our hopes are that you will be armed with relevant decision making information.


401k for Downpayment
About Credit
About Interest Rates
Bi-Weekly Mortgage
Buydown Options
Buyer Don'ts
Closing Costs
Disputing Credit Reports
Eliminating PMI
Fixed vs. Adjustable
Getting Your Credit Report
Gifts as Downpayment
Government Loan Programs
Homeowner Deductions
HUD-1 Settlement Statement
Improve Your Credit Score
Living Trusts
Mistakes on Your Report
Mortgage Saving Tips
Mortgage Tuneup
Paying Your Loan Early
Refinancing Options
Reverse Mortgages
Should you buy points?
Tax Closing Costs
Types of Insurance
Up To 100% Financing
What is a credit score?
What is PMI?
When to Refinance
Why Title Insurance?
Winterize your Home
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